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Case Study: Painting maintenance plan at apartment complex

Regency Palms, located in Cairns North, offers a mix of permanent and short stay accommodation for residents and holiday makers alike

Situated in the heart of Cairns and only a short walk from the city centre and esplanade precinct, the facilities at this complex need to remain pristine akin to the surroundings. Our Cairns team was engaged to refresh and uplift the look of the facility.


The challenge

The facility’s coating system needed some tender-love-and-care to revive it back to life. A colour change was scoped to help modernise the facility. Given the painting requirements, there was a large volume of operational hours required to provide the full repaint within one project.

The key challenge within this project was access. While Elevated Work Platforms (EWP’s) were effective with most external elevations, access to the all the balconies proved to be difficult as they opened directly onto the pool. In addition to this, there was minor building repairs required at the facility.



To accommodate the operational hours required in year one, and ensure the ongoing upkeep of the facility, we curated a multi-year painting maintenance plan. The first year scoped a full external repaint of all five apartment buildings including a colour change. Given our scalable workforce, we were able to complete this significant volume of operational hours without any major issues.

To overcome the access issues on the balconies, we drained the pool and erected scaffolding within enabling safe access. While the pool was drained, we assisted the owner’s corporation with a pool refurbishment. Our operations team executed building repairs including the removal of concrete cancer. After treating the water ingress, we reinstated concrete to prevent future issues.



After 12 weeks on-site, the painting and building works were complete, with future painting maintenance to come for several years. At the project sign-off the facility’s manager provided an endorsement of our works as below.

"Higgins completed the repainting of our complex in 2020 and provided us with a thorough proposal including their intended scope of works that outlined how they would protect our facility over several years.

The year one schedule of maintenance was over a 12-week process, which included building and roof washing, building repairs, and repainting all areas including the roofs of all the buildings in the complex. We have been just as impressed with their operations as we were with their communications and knowledge throughout the sales process. As part of the repainting of the complex, our pools had to be emptied to allow for scaffold to be erected. While the pool was empty, and the repainting was being completed we were able to tie in the refurbishment of our pool which Higgins were able to organise for us as well. We have received positive feedback from the residents regarding the uplifting of the facilities, as well as how the Higgins crew worked in with them in a very courteous and helpful way. We look forward to having them back on-site in the coming years to keep our facility looking fresh and well maintained. I would have no hesitation in recommending Higgins’ services to anyone in Cairns."

On-site Manager - Regency Palms

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