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Case Study: Major repainting project at Noosa resort

This luxury resort nestled within Noosa National Park offers its guests breathtaking views.

The nature surrounding this resort creates an aura for all its guests. To maintain the alluring atmosphere, the facilities within the resort must be kept perpetually pristine. Our Sunshine Coast team understood the importance of this and was happy to accommodate with a tailored painting solution.


The challenge

At our first on-site inspection, there were clear signs of deteriorated paintwork. Ailments common to the area were noticeable including oxidised surfaces and bleached colours. Rusted Colourbond sheets were prevalent and the overall condition of the facility’s paintwork was in need of attention. The key challenge in remedying these problem areas was doing so in a manner that enabled the resort to remain operational.



After being successfully awarded this project via tender, our team began working on a project plan. Having performed repainting at the facility several years earlier, our team was familiar with the layout of the facility and utilised this knowledge in conjunction with site visits to curate the operations plan. The plan considered sectional repaints, which allowed our operations team to block out different areas within the resort for short periods. After repainting an area, it would be reopened by the resort for holiday-goers.

The project commenced in February and featured ten painters on-site at any one time. The resort’s management allocated rough times to each section of our repaints, which our operations team comfortably accommodated. Throughout the project, we utilised a variety of access methodology including an 86-foot Elevated Working Platform (EWP), scaffolding and rope access. The project was completed in June.



Our Sunshine Coast team was happy to uplift the appearance of this facility with the outcome typical of Higgins’ trademark quality. We look forward to returning over the next few years to continue maintaining this luxurious tourist destination.

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