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Case Study: Colour upgrade at Atlantic Tower Motor Inn

The Atlantic Tower Motor Inn, previously known as the 'Top Of The World Revolving Restaurant', is a versatile establishment located in the centre of Glenelg that offers 360-degree views of scenic surroundings. 

The building's exterior was in poor condition and needed various repairs before a complete external repainting. Our Adelaide team was hired to revamp the exterior of this iconic building.


The challenge

The Atlantic Tower Motor Inn faces challenges when undertaking major projects due to its mixed tenancy. We had to begin discussions with the facility's body corporate committee 18 months before applying a coat of paint. The multi-level tower's architectural design posed a unique challenge as it eliminated several access methods. Scheduling the work was equally difficult due to the involvement of numerous stakeholders. All motel patrons needed to be informed of the ongoing works, while balconies had to be accessed through individual units that needed to be vacant before our crew could enter.

The committee decided that they wanted to update the building's exterior colour scheme. However, before they could apply any new colours to the facility, the committee wanted to ensure that their desired colours would suit the building.


We developed a comprehensive proposal that could cater to the stakeholders, including a colour consultation and digital overlays to showcase how the new colour scheme would look.  After a lengthy consultation period, the committee accepted our proposal, and the project could officially begin!. Before starting the repainting process, we carried out several remedial repairs to the building's exterior.

We utilised a combination of access equipment - knuckle booms were used to reach balconies and areas inaccessible to our rope technicians, who abseiled down the building. Scaffolding was used for areas towards the lower section of the tower, to reduce the time on-site for the knuckle booms. We scheduled the works based on unit vacancies, and despite the ongoing issues with availability, we were able to give the outdated colour scheme a complete makeover.


After several months on-site, our multi-disciplined workforce had completed this repaint. The project has rejuvenated this iconic site, and the new colour scheme has transformed the building. Tenants and commercial patrons alike will feel on top of the world at Atlantic Tower Motor Inn.

  • Atlantic Motor Tower Inn being repainted via EWP
  • Atlantic Motor Tower Inn being repainted via EWP
  • Atlantic Motor Tower Inn being repainted via EWP
  • Atlantic Motor Tower Inn being repainted
  • Atlantic Tower Motor Inn before repaint
  • Atlantic Tower Motor Inn after repaint
  • Atlantic Tower Motor Inn after repaint

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