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Case Study: Full repaint of prestigious Lutheran school

Redeemer Lutheran College is an esteemed Lutheran primary and secondary school in Rochedale, Brisbane.

The Redeemer Lutheran College offers a first-class education to over 1,100 students from P – 12. To maintain the illustrious reputation the school has earned, the facilities, amongst other things, must be well-kept all year round. In 2015, our Brisbane team began implementing a multi-year painting maintenance plan to ensure this standard was upheld at all times.

The challenge

The customer’s key focus was the condition and appearance of the facilities of the school. Though the facilities were far from dilapidated, there were inconsistencies in the colour scheme throughout. Furthermore, some substrates were in need of some tender love-and-care.

The school’s size brought on a unique challenge, as the customer desired significant building repaints within the end of year holiday period. To deliver the operational hours involved with a project of this scale, a large scalable workforce was required. Our operations team were happy to take on the challenge and knew that by uplifting these facilities with a painting overhaul, we could assist Redeemer Lutheran College with continuing to attract the best staff and students.


The painting maintenance plan we delivered included a full repaint internally and externally over the course of five (5) years, with building washdowns periodically to ensure the facilities look pristine for school tours, term commencement and other special occasions. Buildings nominated by representatives from the school were prioritised, with all works delivered during the end of year school holidays.

Our operations team consisted of up to ten (10) painters on-site at any one time, to enable the large volume of operational hours to be delivered within the tight timeframe set. We utilised Elevated Working Platforms (EWPs) and mobile scaffolding to safely access all areas of the school. All works were completed on-time and in budget.


Our project plan was successful, with the school maintained to a high standard for the duration of our multi-year painting maintenance plan. Having pleased the customer with our initial painting maintenance plan, we were recently re-contracted to continue the partnership for several more years to come.

The school’s Deputy Business Manager Nicole Wolf was impressed with our work to-date noting “The Higgins team is professional, friendly and dedicated to delivering a fantastic job.”

To find out more about the school’s perception on working with Higgins, read our Q&A with Nicole.

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