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Higgins checklist request school painting quoteEverything you need to cover when you want a painting quote for your school building done right the first time.

Getting a quote to repaint your school building seems like a straightforward task on the outset – you work out what needs to be done, when you need it done by, then get on the phone or go online to request a quote. Right?

It CAN be that seamless if you’re armed with our checklist.

If not, you could spend hours, or even days going back and forth with your painting and maintenance supplier before getting an accurate quote. So where do you begin?

This handy checklist will help you:

  • Get clarity on your school painting project requirements
  • Consider often-missed areas when requesting a quote, saving you time
  • Get a more accurate quote so you don’t pay more than you need
  • Get peace of mind that all your bases have been covered from the beginning of the quote request process

If you want your next school repainting project to run on time and on budget, this checklist is a must.

Download our checklist today!