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Case Study: Extensive repaint of tourist precinct

This project featured over 2300 painting hours, utilising a range of height access equipment to safely accommodate the architectural design of the marina.

As a renowned tourist hotspot, Sorrento Quay is perpetually under the microscope of all prospective patrons. While the nominated areas for painting were not entirely run-down, they were in need of some rejuvenation to give the boardwalk a new lease on life.

Overall Wrap Up


The challenge

Sorrento Quay within Hillarys Boat Harbour presented an exciting opportunity for our Perth Team to demonstrate their craft, as the Property Manager desired a tailored solution that incorporated a mix of internal and external repainting.

Due to the timing of the project, predominantly across the winter months, we encountered a series of weather issues. Despite the weather however, this did not stop the pedestrian and motor traffic throughout our duration on-site, providing another obstacle to overcome. 

Environmentally, the boardwalk provided a series of challenges, as previous paint had suffered significantly from salinisation. In addition to catering for this, we had to ensure we were mindful of encapsulation to prevent any run-off from our materials into the surrounding water.

Given the structural integrity of the boardwalk, we had to be mindful of load tolerance to prevent our machinery from exceeding acceptable limits and causing any damage.




We were able to overcome each of these challenges through consistent communication with the on-site contacts of the harbour, and extensive planning from our Operations Team. 

Although we could not control inclement weather, we organised our project to prioritise external painting when weather permitted, and focussed on internal areas when poor weather arose. This savvy project management prevented us from losing considerable operational hours.

Pedestrian and motor traffic management was key, as the Rottnest Ferry service also operates within the area. We utilised a range of hard-barricading, significant signage and other traffic management systems to ensure that no pedestrians were in harm's-way while our works were underway. We were aware of the commercial delivery timetables to this precinct and accommodated our working patterns to prevent an impact upon the tenants. 

Prior to applying any paint, we conducted salt and adhesion tests in order to develop a solution that would not wear-away due to environmental conditions. Subsequent to this, we carried out significant washing to eliminate all surface contaminants that could prevent the paint from reaching its anticipated lifetime.

In providing a refreshed look, we consistently communicated with a colour consultant, who helped to prototype a colour scheme that would revitalise the facility while remaining unaffected by salinisation. 




The finished product was outstanding, with the client endorsing our works as per the video above. The Sorrento Quay Boardwalk has been successfully transformed to present the 'Hampton's' theme that McGee's Property group wanted to achieve.

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