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Case Study: External repaint of facades

This project featured significant abseil-painting that had to be meticulously executed to provide a high-quality, safe solution to this strata complex.

The Regent on the River strata complex required considerable external repainting works, all of which had to be completed over the course of four months.




The challenge

Located on the bank of the Brisbane River, this impressive building had begun to look faded and worn-down. The vibrancy that one would expect from a structure in this picturesque location was lacking, and required some tender-love-and-care from the Higgins Coatings Brisbane team to bring it back to life.

The key challenge for Higgins was to accommodate the moving parts that were out of our control. As this complex is located on Coronation Drive, the area was overflowing with both motor and foot traffic. We needed to provide a high-quality finish that satisfied OH&S standards. To make matters even trickier for our crew, significant access issues existed for parts of this building.

In addition to this, each coat that was administered contributed towards a colour change. All pre-finished surfaces had to be colour-matched with the blinds.




The challenges, while strenuous, were overcome utilising savvy project management. In order to maintain pedestrian access to the building, we utilised fixed scaffolding, hoarding and exclusion zones. This provided a clear pathway for foot traffic to enter the building while maintaining OH&S compliance. This curtailed any potential hazards from leaving our nominated zones, enabling motor traffic to be entirely unaffected.

Our project manager held regular meetings with our on-site contact to ensure that our works schedule was being effectively communicated ahead of time to all residents. This enabled any minor disruptions to be managed proactively, with residents cognisant of any restrictions on certain areas.

The facades of the building were difficult to access, however we managed to accommodate this with four abseil-qualified painters. As can be seen below, our crew systemically administered paint in organised sections of the building.  

The colour change that we implemented was agreed upon after discussing the project at length with a colour consultant. 





The final product was fantastic, with our efforts successfully rejuvenating this building. The Regent on the River now stands out from across the Brisbane River, and our client was happy to pass on their thoughts.

“The Regent on the River Body Corporate would like to take this opportunity to express its thanks to Higgins Coatings for the very professional manner in which the full building repaint was conducted, and we are delighted with the end result.

Prior to the repaint, Higgins listened carefully to Regent on the River committee representatives, taking into account specific considerations that had been discussed. They provided valuable assistance free of charge to develop the Scope of Works, a Painting Specification and a recommendation of an industry approved Colour Consultant. All of this assistance was greatly appreciated.

During the painting program, the quality of workmanship provided by the friendly trade qualified staff was excellent, any render repairs identified were addressed, Workplace, Health & Safety issues were strictly adhered to, and the communication between staff and residents ensure the project was completed with minimal disruption. Throughout the program nothing was ever too much trouble.

The Regent on the River Body Corporate would highly recommend Higgins for their excellent workmanship and competitive pricing. The quality paint finish and our building’s new look has not only impressed residents, it has also added significant value to the property.”

Body Corporate Secretary, Regent on the River


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