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Case Study: Extensive internal repaint 

The main building at Hughesdale Primary School had become tired, and was beginning to show its age. 

Higgins was engaged to help revitalise this architectural gem, with significant internal repainting on both levels.


The challenge

The school required considerable internal repainting works, within a short timeframe and a strict budget. The classrooms and corridors of the school required some care, however with the budgetary constraints they faced, the school's key  decision-makers were unsure if they'd be able to have all required works delivered in one phase. In addition to the financial concerns, the volume of operational hours required in a short-term break was another challenge that needed to be overcome.     



Higgins presented a solution that involved a painting maintenance plan over the course of several years. Rather than performing staged works, we delivered an extensive repaint in year-one to all nominated surfaces. This entailed up to 15 painters working at one-time, with our ability to scale up our workforce crucial to ensuring that all works were completed before commencement of the next school term. We look forward to returning to wash the buildings to help maintain the condition and overall appearance of the facilities. 



We are thrilled with the result of our repainting works, and have provided discretionary hours for the school to use at their disposal to help keep the facilities looking fresh for any notable visits or presentations. After the result from the painting works conducted, our Building Services team were bought in to complete an overhaul of the floor covering.

“Thanks to Higgins for the collaborative manner in which you planned for, quoted and co-ordinated the recent painting works for our school. Your company ensured the job was completed within our budget and time constraints. In particular, your dedication to high quality and stringent quality control has meant that you have remained in touch and informed, planning for our ongoing satisfaction. I also appreciate that the school pride I foster within the community, is an apparent priority for Higgins. Your personal support as we managed Department of Education and Training procurement guidelines and contracts was deeply appreciated, reducing my workload and that of our Council. I look forward to our continued relationship over the coming years.”

Principal, Hughesdale Primary School

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